Elizabeth Rowe (rear, left of center), principal flutist of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, presented a masterclass at UCONN.

Student Testimonials

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In every lesson, Professor Jackson gives me the advice that I need exactly at that moment. Her passion and musicality always lift me up, and I’m amazed at how much I’ve improved since I began studying with her. I continue my musical journey with the great practice method she gave me for mastery of flute technique. I will never forget her gorgeous, beautiful, and heart-felt sound.

— Erina Koyasu, (Japan), Roosevelt University M.M. 2013, Professional Studies Diploma 2014

Professor Dionne Jackson is a truly inspiring artist. Having graduated from The Juilliard School and the Paris Conservatory, and having achieved a successful career as an orchestral musician, chamber musician, soloist, and mentor, she has all the tools a student needs in order to blossom into the best artist he/she could be.

— Rolando Hernandez (Costa Rica), Roosevelt University M.M. 2013

I came from Taiwan to study with Professor Jackson, and I am so happy that I made this choice. Prof. Jackson is not only an outstanding professional flutist, but also a great teacher with patience. First of all, Prof. Jackson is a strict teacher, she asks that every note or even a breath be perfect. However, she is also so nice and caring about students’ daily life, and she gives support if I need it. Second, Prof. Jackson has quick paths to help me improve to another level on both technique and sound within a very short time, which I never achieved within the past few years. Thirdly, Prof. Jackson really knows how to help students prepare for auditions. She helps me to set a specific plan toward the audition, not only for flute performance, but also for mental and physical preparation. I really wish that I had studied with Prof. Jackson earlier, so that I could have improved more during my young age.

— Pei-Chia (Bernice) Li (Taiwan), Roosevelt University M.M. 2013

One of the most valuable things Professor Jackson offers as a teacher is her incredible insight regarding the audition process. Professor Jackson speaks from experience as she guides students through both the mental and physical aspects of the orchestral audition. Aspiring orchestral musicians will find inspiration in studying from an active performer; someone who understands what it takes to become a professional musician.

— Emma Casey, Roosevelt University M.M. 2013

After many years of studying flute, competitions won and degrees earned, I had studied and played for many of the most outstanding flutists in the world. Yet, I decided to blindly trust Dionne Jackson as my mentor and do only what she considered was necessary to bring my performance level to the highest professional standards and above. I honestly went back to baby steps and wanted to cry for not being able to do the simple things she was asking me to perform. Not until then did I realize how important it was to solidify and understand the basics of my playing. It took me a few months of slow practice, many playbacks of my recorded lessons (imitation was the key) and to really be patient, determined and consistent to find in my playing the magical sound I hear when Dionne plays the flute. That being solved, she amazed me every lesson with not only teaching me the flute, but also the magic of music making. I feel very lucky to have crossed paths with her and to have had the opportunity to learn from someone to admire as a flutist and a woman.

— Gaby Vargas, (Costa Rica), Roosevelt University Artist Diploma 2012

Since Professor Jackson was my first teacher in the U.S. and we have known each other more than four years, she is very special to me. She sets a wonderful example of how to live a passionate life and is dedicated to both her teaching, playing, and her family. After learning from her for many years and observing her perform, she is in my opinion one of the best teachers and performers in the world. The way she taught me has helped me a lot with my transition into the professional world of music. I am so happy that I have had a wonderful teacher who is always there to guide me and support me for my future success.

— Jihee Kim (Korea), Roosevelt University B.M. 2012

Most of the distinguished flutists of our time have emerged from either the Paris Conservatory or The Juilliard School under the tutelage of the great Julius Baker. Mrs. Jackson has had extensive studies at both conservatories, creating an invaluable synthesis of flute playing and teaching. Combine this with her orchestral experience and thorough approach to auditions, and you know she is giving you all the tools you need for a succesful professional career.

— Angela Leffingwell, Roosevelt University M.M. 2009